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What You Should Know

The battles we fight as the USFA require us to have members who speak out with one voice. We deal with issues like the Marine National Parks and the exclusion zones for the grey nurse-sharks. As a society, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our members’ right to catch fish is protected. There are politicised people, groups, and organisations who are hell-bent on denying this right and having the entire coastline closed off for no more than just observation.

It would be best if you become a member of the USFA. The more numbers we have, the louder our voice becomes. Together, we can speak out against this issue and other issues that will harm our freedom to engage in our sport just as we come together to play the sport.

It is a fight, a fight for our rights. At USFA, we fund the fights and ensure that it is organised and effective. When the government sees how organised we are, they will have to take us seriously, and we can then make a difference.

Most of our membership is made up of people from the New South Wales State. However, we do have members from across the entire country. To ensure effectiveness, we also work with other organisations like outdoor organisations and peak fishing organisations. By working with them, we can pull some serious weight as we deliberate with the government. 

One of the issues that the USFA has been able to solve is exclusion from fishing the grey nurse-sharks, which was fought against and defeated in court at a great cost. Other reasons why you should join the USFA are:

Join in Competitions 

We organise both state competitions and monthly zone competitions such as the Far South Coast, South Coast, Sydney, and Canada Cup, the Eden 3-Way, Spearfest, the State Tournaments and Titles, and so much more. USFA also organises some competitions that are social-bases. They include the Junior Cup, Kingfish Cup, the One-Up-One-Down, the Selfie Comp, and the Capture Awards. 

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

We offer insurance policies to our members at the USFA, which covers sports injuries when accidents occur. Our USFA insurance policy is the most comprehensive insurance that you would find for spearfishermen. It covers you in competitions and otherwise. It is also valid anywhere in the world. Visit the USFA Insurance page to get more specific details about the policy and some other extensive benefits.

Get Information Via the USFA

We keep our USFA members informed about pertinent matters, media releases, upcoming events, and legislative developments that pertain to members through the USFA website and social media pages.

Diving Safety Education and Youth Development

The USFA provides diver-education programs to encourage youth to participate in the sport safely. 

Representation for Independents Divers

We encourage independent divers to join the USFA. This allows them to have representatives who can speak for them about issues or express their opinions and suggestions. 

You can join the USFA by engaging the membership platform. It is a simple process that allows you to check your membership status and auto-renew your membership.