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The USFA hosts several events during every calendar year. We outline two major ones, the Alliman Shield and the Canadian Cup.

Alliman Shield

The Alliman Shield is by far one of the most important events overseen by the Underwater Skindivers and Fisherman’s Association (USFA) every year. Its importance is reflected in the fact that it is held every month of the year, with different categories and sections playing month after month. 

The Sydney Metro Alliman Shield Competition is named after Alec ‘Curly’ Alliman, who was the top performer of Spearfishing in the Spearfishing Competition held in New South Wales in 1955. He, unfortunately, died during a spearfishing event just a year later.

The Alliman Shield Competition is available to both male and female spearfishers. Although the competition is held monthly, the scores gotten from there accumulate throughout the year. Each year the competition is open to four clubs in Sydney.

The competition is noted in Australia and elsewhere for the amount of rivalry, competition, and talent it generates. The competition brings many benefits to the spearfishing space, not only in Sydney but in Australia’s entirety. As a result of this competition, a lot of hidden talents have been revealed. These are talents that would otherwise not have been discovered.

The competition features an array of categories based on the level of experience of the divers and their ages. Thus, we have the competition featuring newly discovered talent and also veteran divers of International repute.

Canada Cup and Alliman Shield

This event is a combination of the Canada Cup and the Alliman Shield. This event holds a lot of significance amongst all the events held by the Underwater Skindivers and Fisherman’s Association during the year. Apart from being one of the earliest events of the year, it usually is the first Alliman Shield held almost every year. 

To be able to participate, interested persons must be members of the USFA. However, to encourage inclusiveness, temporary members of the USFA, who are in the process of gaining permanent memberships, are also allowed to participate.

There are two categories in this joint event. There is the Junior Category for up-and-coming spearfishers. Then there is the Senior Category which is meant for established spearfishers. Although both are quite interesting, the Senior Category gathers a lot of buzz and excitement than the Junior Category events.

This is understandable. The competitors and participants in the senior category are much experienced and have mastered the art of spearfishing and skin diving. Thus, it appears that their games are always much more mature than their junior counterparts. Also, participants in previous junior category events become participants in the Senior Category, and fans usually want to see them play at higher levels.