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Existing Clubs

Several clubs participate in the Australian spearfishing space. Most of these clubs are key members of the USFA as well. We outline and discuss a number of them.

North Shore Underwater Club

North Shore is a spearfishing club with a territory spanning several areas. Its members cut across both starters and experienced and established divers.

One fact that is quite notable about the North Shore is that it is highly social. The members of the club are known to spend a lot of weekends together. These weekend outings provide members with the ample opportunity to network with themselves and create very beneficial relationships. Members have met dive buddies who help them develop their spearfishing and diving skills.

Other social activities that North Shore is quite known for include family days and BBQs, reef trips, competition among club partners, and harbour trips, amongst others.

North Shore is very much active within the USFA as they participate in virtually all the association’s Competitions. These include the Sydney Cup, Alliman Shield, and others.

Darwin Dolphins

The Darwin Dolphins is quite an interesting club. They focus on enjoying and experiencing the entire spearfishing and diving task to the fullest. Although they are not big on spearfishing, they still quite do well in that aspect. The area in which they are best is diving. They are quite blessed with some locational and geographical artefacts.

\The location of the spearfishing activity for the Darwin Dolphins has a lot of wrecks from as far back as the Second World War. They also have wrecks from the Cyclone Tracy that occurred late in 1974.

They hold their meetings on each month’s 3rd Tuesday.

Mosman Whalers

If we are talking about an exceptionally competitive club, then Moman Whalers fits the description. They are known to be one of the most popular clubs on the spearfishing events and Competition scene. Based in Sydney, Mosman Whalers are known more for their prowess in spearfishing. For one, many of their members are known to compete in the Alliman Shield almost every month. 

One unique fact about the Mosman Whalers is that it is as much a club of veterans and stars as it is a talent-development centre. Experienced and award-winning spearfishers sit side-by-side with noobs and up-and-coming stars. This has a lot of potential benefits for the spearfishing and diving space, not only in Sydney but in the whole of Australia. For one, amateur spearfishers can get to learn from the best. Thus we have several burgeoning talents getting groomed by experienced persons. They meet on the third Thursday of each month.

Central Coast Sea Lions

Located in the Central Coast of New South Wales, the Central Coast Sea Lions are popular and multiple-award-winning spearfishing and diving club. They are a key part of the New South Wales spearfishing ecosystem. The club was founded in 1950 but fell into some long periods of inactivity. It came back on board in 1997.

They are known for many social activities, including regular scuba-diving, weekend social BBQ, and film-fishing, formal balls, picnics, and much more.

The club is also very competitive. They are known to be the hosts of the very popular and well-received Canada Cup, which is now being held alongside the Alliman Shield.